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Oh hey I forgot about this thing. Howdy, friends.
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Happy 8th birthday to my puppy Rummel! I love you dude!

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I decided to come read LJ and Dreamwidth cause it's been awhile, and there's drama everywhere! =P
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Hey guys!

I know a bunch of you are into more natural stuff, and I would actually like to but I have no clue. Is there a company that you prefer to get natural beauty products from? I love Burt's Bees, but they seem really expensive to me so I always end up with some crap off the shelf at Target. I'm finally starting to run out of my face moisturizer, and was thinking of replacing it with something with less ingredients. =P My two main deciding factors are that I don't want to smell like a hippie or a forest, and I am poor. =D
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Looks like Christmas is just going to be me and Jesse.......oh, and FIVE DOGS. Wtf did I get myself into this year??
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Took me awhile to decide which ones to post...I really like this band. <3

P.S. - If you feel the urge to complain to me about autotuning, save it. I like it and really don't care. =P
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So I called my parents like last week or so and my dad went on about wanting to send me some MP3s he had. He didn't so much think that I would like them, but he just seemed to want to share. So I said sure, and today he sent me two. They're both country songs lolz. I'm really not a is "Celebrity" by Brad Paisley (which I assume Mark likes haha. Fun fact: my dad is also named Mark!) and I mean it isn't bang-my-head-on-the-wall terrible, but it's not my style. The OTHER song happens to be the most depressing thing ever in the universe and it hurts my heart that he is listening to this!! I'm gonna go ahead and assume my emo genes are from my daddy.



Nov. 18th, 2009 10:22 am
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Happy Anniversary, Bum! 8 years, wtf!! <3 <3 <3

Feeling sicker today...Mark totally has SWINE FLU so I'm hoping I don't have that. I was coughing this morning but it went away. I dunno. I think Jesse and I are going to have a low-key delivery dinner with some video games tonight and then go out somewhere fancy this weekend. I'll feel more fancy without the boogies. ^_~


Oct. 30th, 2009 09:39 pm
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I'm considering wearing the red wig I wore last year again tomorrow...thoughts, feelings?? HALP I cannot decide what to do! T_T


Oct. 28th, 2009 04:25 pm
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I have to finish the top seam and then it's DONE...also will take pics of it on a real live person later. Gotta run now though...

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I'm posting this everywhere haha...I heard a song on the radio on the way home from work and almost had an accident cause I was like "WHAT IS THIS I LOVE IT" and then they said it was BRITNEY!! Here it is. I fucking LOVE IT

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Just want to update my skirt status =D Just need to buy more lace for the bottom and cut the front shorter

Oh also - I should have probably used interfacing on the's floppy! I think the corset will be over it a little so it should be ok still.
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Ok I'm sorry, but the person that makes these is my fucking hero right now.



Sep. 30th, 2009 01:14 pm
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Oh. My. God.

(These people apparently did a bunch of videos for the Mega Man 2 guys...I'm dying!!)
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I think my nightmare problem might actually be night terrors. WHAT. I just looked it up and it sounds way closer to what happens with me. And considering yesterday I tried to take a nap and ended up being asleep for only 10 minutes before I woke up gasping and crying in a complete state of panic? Yeah. Awesome. Thanks for this, brain.


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